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I'm 27, a wife, mother of one great lil girl,and part time nurse to many and one avid scrapbooker.I enjoy nature and the outdoors..I can be a girly girl at times but also like to do lots of " boy" things..all in all I just like to live life and my goal is to try and live it to the fullest!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

One thing after another

Ok so why is it that after we decided to put NEW carpet in the basement, and move my scrap room to the basement that it has to rain all freakin weekend and then our walls decide to leak out our luck.

Luckily it didnt ruin any thing ....except now I have a huge hole in my wall....luckily my Hubby is a drywaller and can fix that.....but its like pulling teeth to get him to fix things around

Ill post pics when we get the mess picked up and we get our HOBBY basement together

we decided that all of us will have an area designated for our hobbys so we can all hang out together......hope Im not going to regret this decision after Ive moved all my stuff from my solo room upstairs????

time will tell......oh and yes my walls are camouflage......and there are deer heads down here..and all kinds of boy stuff ( god I hope Im not going to regret this) but I guess thats what u get when your married to a die hard hunter....