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I'm 27, a wife, mother of one great lil girl,and part time nurse to many and one avid scrapbooker.I enjoy nature and the outdoors..I can be a girly girl at times but also like to do lots of " boy" things..all in all I just like to live life and my goal is to try and live it to the fullest!

Monday, October 6, 2008

random pics from" a week in the life" project


Ashleigh Dillin said...

alright Missy, you need to explain your pictures...I am so curious as to some of them :) and you look so cute in the one :)

Tina said...

this goes to Miss Ashleigh ( hey girl were missing u around the store)..

random pics from the week

pic1: got home late from work and put a pizza in and read the latest CK mag.

pic2: (After working 2nd shift) Summer and James asleep in our bed..too cute :)

pic3:worked at the store all day and forgot my camera ( so i took a pic of my

pic4: getting ready to go out (well we just went out to eat and ending up bowling but again i forgot my camera)

pic5: what I bought that day

now ive taken all these pics...and still have no week in the life album to show for.....need to make time :)