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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bare Minerals

Has anyone used Bare minerals before??
what do you think of it?
of course the info commercial makes this stuff look but for real how is it
If anyone has tried this I would love to hear your review!
thanks and have a good one


Doria1114 said...

Hey there!
this is my first time blogging and looking at the new website, so bear with me! I was excited that I knew something and could share!
I have been using bareminerals for the past three months and it is going really well. I haven't had any break outs or problems with it and it does good coverage. I had my face done at their store in AZ so I had the full consultation and shade matching, etc. I bought a great start up face kit which also included the needed brushes and face primer which goes on after moisturizer and helps foundation last longer and it is awesome. The more you swirl the brush over your face, the more coverage you get for sure. I also have found that you need to stop and let your face "catch up" because it will be getting darker with the more you put on. I also got their holiday glam package which had four eye shadows, eye brushes, and eye primer for shadow and a lip gloss/color that "plumps" your lips with a nice tingle! It was maybe 49 dollars and the face start up kit was 69. I would say that is pretty good compared to all the other things I have tried and I have tried it all! Watch prices though, infomercial, QVC, website, and Sephora store website all have different prices and I think the infomercial is the highest. Also, has a Sephora store and then you can use your JCPenney card and sometimes their coupons!

Tina said...

thanks so much for the comment, I'm thinking Im just going to have to buy a kit and give it a try..thanks again :)

and welcome to the world of blogging...warning it can become


Penny Smith said...

I use only bare minerals... I am out of my usual foundation! ahhh! And I have a gift certificate to 5 star-I have GOT to get down there...
ANYWAY, well, I am old, and I like it! LOL!
But really, I just decided I needed to use something natural, and the coverage I thikn is good...
Maybe not perfect when I am in a hurry, takes a tad longer than some other routines I have had, but I think it is worth it.
I too break out less...
They do free make-overs with it at 5 star though... just go try it out! :)
The starter kits aren't too much.

I like their vitamin lotion too...

Penny Smith said...

LOL! I just read the above post completely! I bought the same things! Starter kit of make-up, and eye shadow kit too...

Tina said...

thanks ladies for the comments, I orderd the starter kit and have been using it now for about a week. Im not going to say i love it, its ok, not really enough coverage for me since i sometimes look like a teen w/ my breakouts..but i do like how its sheer and feels like u have nothing on....thanks