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I'm 27, a wife, mother of one great lil girl,and part time nurse to many and one avid scrapbooker.I enjoy nature and the outdoors..I can be a girly girl at times but also like to do lots of " boy" things..all in all I just like to live life and my goal is to try and live it to the fullest!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Look who made the cover

Who would of thought one of my layouts would end up on the cover of a magazine....crazy how things work out. Now if it would hurry up and get to the stores so I can get my hands on it :)

August 2009


meganklauer said...

That is so flippin awesome! I remember seein that layout in the store and totally fell in love with it! I do believe I bought every one of the papers that you used because of it! :0)

Martina Reynolds said...

Congratulations !! Absolutley gorgeous !!! xoxo Tina

Ashleigh Dillin said...

OMG THAT IS SO AWESOME!!!! CONGRATS TINE!!! I am so happy for you, and the LO is freaking adorable!!!!! WAY TO GO!

Marion said...

I bought that mag. this morning! It is SO beautiful! I love that layout and somehow it just is even more amazing on the cover of a Scrapbook Trends! Congrats Tina!

Sasha said...

SHUT THE HECK UP .. YOU GO GIRL .. hugs boo .. that layout is fabulous girl .. simply fabulous.

Gwen Halsey said...

I'm not a bit surprised...I knew you could do it all along!! :~) I am sooooo proud of you Tina!! All I have to say is "Watch out comes Tina". Congratulations

Penny Smith said...

You KNOW I am so proud! One more phone call I you would probably disown me! "I saw it in the email add", It's in the STORE"! LOL!
I am so proud and excited for you!