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I'm 27, a wife, mother of one great lil girl,and part time nurse to many and one avid scrapbooker.I enjoy nature and the outdoors..I can be a girly girl at times but also like to do lots of " boy" things..all in all I just like to live life and my goal is to try and live it to the fullest!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Got ya babe

this is what happens when u come home and pass out and leave me up board, I got him good and I forgotto get pics with the cheetos that i stuck in his

he didnt find it funny ( poor sport) and says that pay backs a b***h and I better watch out.

he almost got me this afternoon i started to dose off on the couch( we were all taking naps) but quickly got up when i heard him get up and Im glad i did b/c he was plotting something with the grin he had on his looks like im going to have to sleep w/ one eye open for a while


Stacy said...

To funny! You got him good!!!

Gwen Halsey said...

Wait till he finds out you put those pictures on here for everyone to see......he'll really want revenge after this!! Poor Tina. hehe